Bristol Off-roading Outfitters will always find something to do. Let our guides whisk you away on a guided snowmobile tour through beautiful Northern Ontario. Tour packages are available by reservation and can be customized to suit your needs and skill level.

Ride worry free knowing that the Smedts Family Rescue & Shuttle service is always happy to help! We’ll even bring your dead sled to your trailer or your trailer to your sled.

Snowmobiling with us is so enjoyable because we cater to your individual needs to make it an enjoyable experience for the family, the hardy rider, the visiting clubs and the lone rider. We have something for everyone.

Contact Us to find out about prices for our services.

  • Snowmobilers serving snowmobilers
  • Season runs December to mid April depending on snow conditions
  • Accurate trail & snow information
  • Experience a northern winter
  • Experience northern riding over a variety of terrain & varied trail conditions
  • Off trail & powder riding
  • In-house hot tub
  • Large off site parking for trailers
  • Packages by reservation
  • Rescue & Shuttle Service for sleds and/or riders
  • Heated garage for repairs

To ride in Canada you must have a valid driver’s licence or a snowmobile licence. A helmet is required. You must carry proof of registration or ownership of your sled along with insurance documents while riding. O.F.S.C. trail permits are required to ride on the trails. These can be purchased online here. Order your permit before Dec. 1st 
and save $$.

Permit Costs: Visit the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs Website

For more information please visit:

Dubreuilville Alouettes Trail
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
Sault Ste Marie Trailblazers
Halfway Haven