Still in Winter

Over the last few days we have had another 8″ of snow on the trails.

Willy and Chico are busy in the tractors.

Snowmobilers are enjoying the groomed trails around our area. Many are riding up to Hearst and back to check out the old familiar trails.  This winter we have seen a lot of our old friends coming to ride their old trails that have never returned  for over 10  to 15 years.

We want to take a minute and say a big HELLO to our friends out there that are unable to travel here this winter and we hope to see you next year.  To our friends that have retired their sleds keep in touch with us over our web site. To the ones that are sick we wish you well and hope the good old days bring you comfort. The many friends we have made over the past 23 years are always in our heart and the memories remind us of the best times ever with strangers whom became our extended family.

The trails are great so if you still want to ride…come  NORTH…our winter is just staring!