ATV Touring, Bear Hunting & Snowmobiling

Come play with us… We know where to go!

There Is Always Something To Do

Let the guides whisk you away on a guided tour (snowmobile or ATV) through beautiful Northern Ontario.

Tour packages are available by reservation and can be customized to suit your individual needs. Ride worry free, knowing the Smedts family have the experience, local knowledge, and a willingness to make your trip an experience to remember.

Don’t miss out on ATV and snowmobiling events going on this year…
Current information on Bonnie’s Blog.

Come and play in our backyard!

For Reservations and Contact Information call

Phone: 1-705-856-7202

Bristol Off-Roading Outfitters offers some of the best experiences in the Algoma District

ATV Touring

Everywhere around here you will find trails that surround the beautiful Algoma countryside.


Doing Anything exciting this fall? Why not join us on a Six Day Bear Hunt in scenic Northern Ontario, Canada.


Snowmobiling with us is so enjoyable because we cater to your individual needs to make it an enjoyable experience.

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